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Is Pokemon Go Worth Playing?

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It is not an overstatement to say that Pokemon Go is one of the most hyped gaming sensations the world has seen these days. Many players old and young are incredibly excited for this game, as it allows them to feel what it is like to be a Pokemon Trainer in real life. True to the game’s premise, you can now go outside to encounter Pokemon in real-life and catch them all, as well as battling it out and be the champion of the gym in your region. Much of the hype and excitement directed at Pokemon Go is due to the fact that the game franchise has existed for two decades now, beginning with Pokemon Red and Green released for Game Boy in Japan in 1996, although it is rebranded as Pokemon Red and Blue for fans outside Japan. Ever since then, Pokemon has gone through many different game generations and spawned many different franchises, including mobile games, arcade games, and card games. Pokemon Go is but the latest and most advanced iteration of this beloved franchise, and while many fans and enthusiasts alike are welcoming Pokemon Go with open arms, many others are more skeptical of this augmented reality game, leading to the question: is Pokemon Go worth playing?
taobao agent malaysiaWhile opinions over a videogame can indeed be very subjective, I do believe that Pokemon Go is definitely worth playing, especially if you consider yourself a hardcore Pokemon fan. Afterall, it is every Pokemon fan’s dream to be able to experience how it feels like to be a real-life Pokemon trainer, and playing Pokemon Go allows you to live that dream. Besides, by playing this game also allows you to be healthier and meet so many new friends, as you are required to go out to catch a Pokemon. Being able to battle it out and be a champion of your local gym will also be a familiar experience for veteran Pokemon players.

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