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Best Ways To Keep Your Wedding Gown Clean When You Are Outdoor

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One of the anxieties that brides have on the wedding day is that of dirtying the precious wedding gown. The mere thought of barbecue, soup, sauce and the wedding gown being in the same place will make anyone fret. Not to mention the dances and interactions with drunk relatives and guests at the outdoor reception. It is natural to find your mind fixated on trying to keep that dress clean and almost not savoring the moment as much as you should be.

But you can enjoy your new husband blissfully without necessarily obsessing about the dress. There are a number of tips and tricks that you can employ to keep your dirt-worried mind at ease. Let’s have a look at some of them:
Purchase a bridal petticoat
This is a great way to save yourself from all kinds of unsightly stains and it at a minimal cost. Dirt, grass or wet asphalt stains are some of the stains that immediately come to mind when you think about outdoor wedding activities. With a petticoat you can slightly lift the hem off the ground. It is great for those stationary photo shoots and moving to the different sites of a photo shoot.

Bustle up
You can get a seamstress to install a firm bustle that will lift the dress far enough from the ground soil. This will ease your movement and dancing. It may also be a good idea to use some safety pins in addition to the bustle because sometimes bustles do break.

Use a sheet
The dress can still stay clean even if you forgot to purchase a petticoat. You can accomplish this by wrapping a sheet around the gown’s bottom. The photographer too can cover the area he is taking the photos with a sheet to protect the gown.

Utilize your bridesmaids
When walking outdoors, your bridesmaids can hold up that bottom part of the dress. Remember this is your big day and your friends are there to help!

Ensure your hands are clean
Keep your hands clean and blot away any excess make-up in areas that touch the dress. This will go a long way in keeping the gown looking immaculate during the entire period.

Spray the hem
There are some sprays in the market that can protect your dress from getting dirty. You have to be careful not to spray too much and leave a distinct line between the sprayed part and the rest of the gown. If you can, leave the spraying to a professional.

Let the bugs live!
This may sound funny but bugs are attracted to white dresses. Don’t crash the poor bug on the dress and leave its disgusting stain there. Just blow at it or shake the dress and if it doesn’t leave, leave it there.

Try to be careful
Simple common sense is important if the dress is to stay clean for the entire day. There are problem areas that are obvious such as puddles and such can be easily avoided. But don’t be so careful that you don’t enjoy the day.

I hope I have allayed some of your fears about not being to keep your wedding gown clean while outdoors. So take your mind off the dress and enjoy this important milestone in your life. Else, you can visit Femingal Bridal House for more tips and tricks.